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Our relabelling service is a great way to add value to your product, allowing you to extend your project by creating a full branded package for your label. We offer a range of different relabelling options to best cater for your specific order that are listed below, all you have to do is supply your woven labels. If you have any questions about our relabelling services please get in touch.


All You Need To Know.

Do I need them?

If you’re looking to add a higher perceived value, extra branding & a professional finish to your products then you may want to consider woven labels or inside neck prints.

What's the minimum order?

Woven Labels = 50 units
Inside neck prints = 100 units
You can bundle orders together to reach the MOQ, but they must be placed at the same time.

How much do they cost?

Generally between $1.75 to $2.70 - Contact us for a quote today.

Can you remove the branded labels?

When relabelling we unpick the stitching, remove the branded tag & sew the collar back up again with matching thread as standard.

Neck prints or Labels?

Often customers are unsure whether to go for neck prints or relabelling with custom labels.
This usually comes down to personal preference but we recommend going for custom labels if you’re getting fleece lined items such as hoodies & sweats, as neck prints won’t work on the fleece lining.

Do I need to order a label for each size?

Yes & No - We offer both options - we can sew size stubs underneath the label, which is a small additional relabelling cost.

Are there limitations to what I can relabel?

Some garments can’t be unpicked without damaging the stitching. For these we can neatly attach the label onto the collar.

What size should my labels be?

The size of your label mainly comes down to personal preference & what suits your design. Our standard template is based on 30mm x 70mm (30 x 35mm when folded).

How detailed can my design be?

Since these are woven there are limitations to how fine your design can be. As a rule of thumb we recommend lines to be no thinner than 1pt / 0.5mm.
If you’re having an inside neck print, it’s a good idea to be aware of the limitations. Generally, we recommend a 1 colour cool grey for inside neck printing. This colour works well for majority of orders.

What artwork limitations are there?

Besides the above, the following won’t work as a woven label:
- Photographs
- Gradients
- Designs with more than 4 colours
- Complex, detailed designs
- Fine script font

Relabeling is not available as a standalone service (it is only available as a complimentary service to our screen printing and/or embroidery services).

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