Our relabelling service is a great way to add value to your product, allowing you to extend your project by creating a full branded package for your label.


Relabelling has two options - replacing the existing makers labels with your own woven labels or having a printed neck label directly onto the inside of the garment. Woven labels can be supplied or we can assist with having them made. We then have an in-house team that will sew them into the inside neck seam of the garment. Printing into the back neck has a guide in the following 'service' tab.

Tag Removal

Our machinists unpick the stitching and remove both the original label and the care label which gives a very clean look to the garment.
If you intend to print your company logo, size details and care instructions in the back neck of our t-shirts both of our existing labels will need to be removed.

Pip Relabel

A pip label can be sewn on any outer hem of a garment, most are placed on the sleeve or bottom hem but please make contact if you want any other placement option. All pip labels must be provided with a folded crease, our recommended label makers should know these details. Please advise measurements of where you would like your pip label.

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