How It Works

T-shirt printing made easy. How to make your own T-shirts with Machine.


Finalise your artwork

We recommend using a vector-based program to design your screen print art, as the resulting files are resolution independent and can be resized without losing it's quality. For a full break down click the link below.


Choose your blanks

We've carefully curated a set of awesome garments that we love to wear as much as we love to print. The full range of garments from every manufacturer that we’ve always offered is available on request.


We review your order.

Once your order is submitted, our reps will review the details and make sure everything looks right. We use all of our experience and knowledge to catch issues early, suggest changes, and help you land on that perfect design/blank combo that will become your customers’ New Favourite Printed T-Shirt.


Your t-shirts enter production


Optional finishes & packaging.

After printing and rigorous quality control, t-shirts are counted out by hand for ensured accuracy and packaged with care. Optional retail-ready finishing prepares t-shirts for distribution with hang tagging, folding, bagging, and barcoding options.

Wear your brand new t-shirt!

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