DTG Printing

Digital printing is perfect for smaller quantities, high detail and quick turnaround times.

No minimums

DTG (direct to garment) digital printing is an excellent choice for custom, one-off printing or small runs as there are NO setup costs and NO minimum quantities. Printing one t-shirt has never been so affordable!

Feel & Longevity

A DTG print on white or light garment feels smooth and soft, in fact you can’t feel it at all. The ink pigments bond deeply in to the fabric instead of sitting on top. On dark garments however, the print is slightly raised due to the white under base and therefore feels more like a screen print. A DTG print is NOT as durable as a screen print and needs more care when washing.


We offer the best services for DTG printing in Melbourne, with a comprehensive product range and very affordable prices. With our DTG printing services, you can print anything from standard flat designs to sophisticated 3D and multicolour art without any extra cost.

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