Supplying Artwork

Artwork guide for screen printing.

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Finalise your artwork

In order that we have complete control over every aspect of your job, we have an in-house graphics department that can design and prepare your artwork specifically for t-shirt printing. If however, you have your design ready to go, please follow the guidelines below so that your file is ready for us to use.

Vector Artwork

All type that has been set must be converted to outlines. If the vector file contains any linked/placed raster images, these images must meet our minimum requirement for resolution when printed at 100% size. These must also be submitted with the original vector file. Please convert all your colours to spot colour and choose Pantone® Coated colours where possible. See link above for Pantone® Coated colours as a download.

Acrobat Files [.pdf]

All raster elements and art files must be sized at 100% or larger that the actual print size. All raster images must be 300dpi or more. All raster elements must be submitted in the original colour space. We recommend full colour graphics in RGB but if its been created in CMYK don’t convert it to RGB.

Raster Artwork Files

PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the programme that was used to create them .PDF files must meet the minimum requirements for raster and vector art files as outlined by us.

Maximum Artwork

Our maximum print size is 45cm across x 58cm long. This is considered over sized printing and may be subject to a price adjustment. If you’re unsure of an appropriate print size, we are always happy to help.

Art Charges

Art charges are usually only incurred where we create artwork from scratch or we are asked to modify existing artwork significantly. We will always let you know if artwork charges apply. Colour separating charges are usually included in the set up costs however if the artwork is particularly technical and requires significant time in separating the colours, artwork charges may be incurred.

Artwork is charged at $80 per hour.


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