What is a base

& why do I need One.

A white under base is what we print underneath your design on all darker garments.

The reason why we apply a white base is because screen printing inks aren’t opaque, which means instead of applying multiple layers of colour to build up the vibrancy, we print a white base underneath the colours. This ensures the print colours are bright and vibrant, while keeping the thickness of the ink to a minimum so the garment is comfortable for you to wear. Without a white base the texture/colour of the garment will show through the print, leaving the colours appearing dull and muddy. The white base is invisible once all the colours have been applied on top, so you won't need to worry about seeing it on the final printed product.

No Base

Without a base underneath the colours, the garment will show through leaving the print looking dull and muddy.

With Base

Reach logo print

With a white base underneath the colours, the print will be much more bright and vibrant. (As you can see, the white base isn’t visible as it’s printed underneath the colours).

Poly Base.

Screen printing with polyester fabrics.

In some circumstances your order may need an additional Poly Base. When printing onto polyester garments the dyes in the fabric can cause the ink colours to sublimate. For example, a white print on a red polyester garment will sublimate and turn pink in colour, and a white print on a black polyester garment will sublimate to a grey colour. The Poly Base blocks this reaction from happening so your print colours remain true to colour, and stay bright and vibrant on polyester fabrics.

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