What are pantone colours

Why they're important, and how to use them for your next order.

Brief History

The Pantone system uses a specific mixture of pigments to create spot colours, shown in the Pantone books. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) includes 1,867 colours, all made from variations of 13 base pigments.

Why do pantones matter?

Pantone colours make communication easy. Let's say a customer walks in and wants their logo to match Coca Cola Red, they would then request their print colour to be PMS 199c.

We recommend it

Pantone Matching System colours have found their way into every part of life, from branding to government legislation describing the colours of flags. Screen printers around the world use Pantone colours to determine exactly what a client is looking for and repeat it every time. It’s worth it to offer colour-matching because you’ll be able to expand your clientele.

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