Recommended Minimums

We can print less than recommended minimums, but minimum charges apply.
For example, in most cases it will cost the same to print 4pcs as it is to print 20pcs.

The Run Down

These suggested minimums are for each design. As long the print is the same, your minimum order can contain a mix of garments and colours. White garments don't require a "base" therefore the minimums are lower.

Print Colours

Minimums and pricing is for that specific design and print colour. You are charged for the total quantities for that print colour. Example : A one colour white print on 30 black t-shirts in assorted adult sizes will be the same price as ordering 15 black t-shirts and 15 grey marle t-shirts.

Print Size

There are three groups when it comes to orders. Adults, Youth and lastly Kids. The quantities must meet the minimums for that specific group. Example : A four colour print on coloured t-shirts must have a total of 50 units across youth sizes.

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