How to Create Awesome Company T-Shirts

Contrary to popular belief, good company t-shirts do exist. Learn the secret to making one:

Why Company T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple in every company’s swag offering. They’re universally liked, and almost expected at most companies. But there are a couple of other factors that make t-shirts stand out as an important piece of every company swag offering.

Make sure you read through our tips and tricks and pay close attention to the importance of branding, colour pallets and consistency throughout all mediums of your company, from websites, to merchandise, to business cards.

T-shirts have high emotional engagement

Something that makes t-shirts stand out when considering company swag is that t-shirts enforce brand loyalty. Getting dressed is one of the first things people do in the morning, so if they’re putting on your t-shirt, they’re actively choosing to do so.

Think of it as a type of uniform. Putting on this company t-shirt and choosing to fly the brand colors is something that can evoke pride –– similar to putting on a team jersey. Putting on your company t-shirt indicates that you are a part of that team.

T-shirts have high perceived value

Something else unique to t-shirts is that they have a high perceived value, meaning that people typically think of them as being much more expensive than they are.

Think about it –– it’s perfectly normal to spend $20–$30 on a t-shirt at a store or online, but the cost per t-shirt when ordering in bulk is actually much less. So, what’s perceived as a high-value gift, in reality, can cost around $6-$7 per shirt.

T-Shirts & Team Psychology

What a team wears matters. Something shifts when someone puts on a uniform—they become attached to a larger mission, and feel more connected to those who are pursuing that shared goal alongside them.

Any opportunity to remind your employees that you are all headed in the same direction, and that one’s success translates into everyone’s success, is a good thing—and can go a long way in making your teams have a “win together” attitude.

Rules for Creating a Great Company T-Shirt

Make sure it’s on a high quality t-shirt

Before you start a screen printing job, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the t-shirt fabric you’ll use for the job. We’ve made your life easy by showing a list of our top selling t-shirts from our recommended supplier AS Colour. AS Colour specialise in high quality combed cotton which ensures you’re left with a high quality print and long lasting t-shirt.

Make it more than just your logo on a t-shirt

While simply putting your logo on a t-shirt can work under some circumstances, opting to actually create a t-shirt design can take your shirts from good to ones that are truly special.

Create an identity that people can get behind. Hire a professional graphic designer to create a professional logo and colour pallet, in a way that makes people want to wear them.

Add small, extra details

Small additions like an inside neck print or woven label can elevate the feel and perceived value of the shirt at a fairly minimal cost. These additions go a long way in upping your t-shirt’s value. People receiving the t-shirt are really impressed by the retail-quality feel, and not to mention, they look awesome.

Understand the importance of ordering in bulk

You want to make sure you order with a healthy time frame in mind. We recommend that each staff member should have at least 3 t-shirts to last them during the working week. Ordering extra t-shirts for inventory purposes for any existing or new staff coming on board will ensure you’re taking advantage of that specific print run. Remember, the more quantities you order, the cheaper your per unit cost becomes.

Best selling T-Shirts

These are our top selling blank t-shirts

AS Colour Staple Tee

Maple T-Shirt

Our number #1 selling womens T-shirt

AS Colour Classic Tee

Mali T-Shirt

A popular alternative to the maple t-shirt that features a scoop neck finish.

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